Project Controls

Our project controls services allow for our teams to prepare and implement plans and procedures systematically.

Dhahabu Consulting has established itself as a leading provider of project controls services. We carefully consider each element of our client’s needs, including the project’s complexity, the organisation’s maturity, team experience, skill availability, and budget to determine the project controls required.

We are fully committed to providing quality services to avoid delays, errors, and any other challenges that may lead to diminished results. As your project partner, Dhahabu Consulting provides all project controls tools, skills, and techniques to control costs, optimise schedules, and establish a scope of work to reach the optimal project outcome.

Our project controls services drive your project success.

Our Key Difference

Dhahabu Consulting proudly provides a complete and comprehensive project controls service; from project initiation through to closure. We ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and with minimal risk, monitoring every step of the process.

We understand that our clients need to be involved in the process, having a clear overview of the project. That’s why we provide accurate information, advice, recommendations, and feedback to assist with decision making, budget controls, and cost outcomes.

At Dhahabu Consulting, we take every measure to ensure that our services solidify your success and achieves your goals.

Our Client Industries

We offer services to a variety of industries throughout South Africa and abroad.