Quantity Surveying

We provide a depth of experience and expertise in providing quantity surveying, cost and value engineering.

Dhahabu Consulting employs a highly experienced team of quantity surveyors who stand ready to help our clients with large scale engineering, commercial, and industrial projects. Our surveyors are always available, ready to give our clients the best advice and guidance on costs, contractual agreements, budgets, and risk.

By partnering with Dhahabu Consulting, you’ll have access to accurate cost projections at every stage of your project. We can provide cost strategists to provide innocative ideas, unique solutions, and specialised advice. When it comes to quantity surveying, our wide range of end-to-end services ensures that every critical phase is monitored and managed, making your project proceed smoothly.

Our quantity surveying services are thorough and transparent, giving you peace of mind.

Our Key Difference

The decisions made during a construction and engineering project can have a significant impact on the outcome, particularly regarding costs, procurement, and risk.

Our extensive experience allows us to give our clients expert advice on all matters relating to the finances of your project. We are committed to helping our clients reach their project goals successfully while controlling costs and meeting quality standards.

Whether you need cost estimates, financial viability reviews, tender evaluations, price negotiation assistance, or a complete cost management solution, our quantity surveying services will meet your needs.

Our Client Industries

We offer services to a variety of industries throughout South Africa and abroad.